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dmcq experience
dmcq – free jazz guitar


“I believe I often think I play the paintings I paint and paint the music I play.” 

dmcq, guitar

ricky maard, bass guitar

bruce cameron, saxophone


dmcq is an Irish avant-garde guitarist and painter. As a guitarist, improviser and composer working in the free improvisational genre and has released numerous ambient experimental free form compositions as apollo59. A new album “tempesity”, a journey in minimalist electronica is currently in production. He is also part of the electronic collaboration, anunusualleopard, where he contributes no input mixing technique, sound effects and synthesizers. He often plays guitar through an array of electronic effects, so creating layered soundscapes which sear through improvisational jazz and ambient notation. He has worked with numerous improvisors in Malaga, Ireland and Berlin.

 Fused and influenced through his musical tapestries is his devotion to painting and collage. As an abstract artist, his works are often driven by the energy exhibited in the recordings by musicians such as Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey and Joe Morris, to name but a few. Music in the moment spontaneously sculpted through art in the moment. Between these creative outlets, somewhere a world is created.

He will perform as a duo with swedish synthesist and bassist Ricky Maard on the first evening and with the English saxophonist Bruce Cameron on the second evening. Both musicians have numerous years performing and recording in Scandanavia and the UK.

Jose Carra Trio

“His compositions are advanced and inspired me”   Aaron Goldberg, pianista

“José Carra es ahora mismo uno de los músicos más bien preparados, versátiles y creativos de su generacion”

Jose Carra, piano      Bori Albero, double bass       Dani  Dominguez,  drums


En su anterior disco “El Camino”, Jose Carra graba junto a la cantante Beatriz Pessoa, el saxofonista Enrique Oliver, el contrabajista Romeu Tristao, el batería Joao Lopes Pereira y el percusionista Carlos Cortés. Ocho composiciones originales conforman este disco co-producido por el ingeniero de sonido Antonio Romero bajo el sello Romero Music. Destacado como uno de los mejores discos de 2015 por la revista Distrito Jazz.

Desde 2010 a 2013, Carra ha tocado a trío con el contrabajista Dee Jay Foster y el batería Ramon Prats en importantes Festivales y clubes por toda España (Girona, Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Alicante, Albacete, Sevilla, Málaga, Almería, Granada, etc.) y en el Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barquisimeto (Venezuela) además de colaborar con las cantantes americanas Roberta Gambarini y Deborah Carter en varias ocasiones. En octubre de 2012 aparece el primer disco del trío titulado “Ewig” con el cual realizan múltiples conciertos durante 2012 y 2013.

Además de este primer disco, Jose ha tocado y grabado con músicos de gran prestigio como Eric Alexander, Chris Cheek, Stanley Jordan, Roberta Gambarini, Deborah Carter, Gareth Lokrane, Jorge Pardo, Javier Colina, Perico Sambeat o Carles Benavent.

                                                         Carlos Pino Trio

Carlos Pino, guitar      Rafa Sibajas, double bass       Jose Luis Gomez, drums   

Carlos Pino

Born in El Rubio (Sevilla) in 1965, began to study the guitar, self-taught, at the age of fifteen. In 1987 establishes his residence in the Costa del Sol, where he will begin his career as part of groups of diverse musical styles, leading and co-laboring with formations in which private MARA Jazz and improvised music, and in which They are names of national and international jazz scene.

He has attended seminars and master-classes taught by Pat Metheny Jazz, Perico Sambeat, Jonathan Kreisberg and others.

He is a founding member of the trio Toonik, which highlights his work as composer and with whom he has recorded two albums.

He has participated in the Inter- nal Jazz Festival Malaga in its editions of 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2004 with different formations as well as in several cycles of Jazz at the University of Malaga, Jazz festi- them Toledo, Moron the Frontino tera (Sevilla), Punta Umbria (Huelva), Lucena (Córdoba), Ceuta, Melilla, Mijas, Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic) etc .; He has worked in radio and television (Canal Sur) and performed in clubs and halls of the Spanish territory.

Rafa Sibajas

A native of La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz), is a musician, bassist and versatile and multi-talented producer. Throughout his career he has worked on many projects in various areas and styles ranging from the production of own records, to work composition, editing and production of music for theater shows, performances, films, television and advertising. As a bass player in the field of jazz, classical and Flamenco music, has worked with musicians like Kirk MacDonald, Julian Sanchez, Ernesto Aurignac, Enrique Oliver, Juan Galiardo, Fabio Miano, José Carra, Dani Dominguez and David Defries.

He has trained academically in the specialty of classical bass at the Conservatory of Music Victoria Eugenia de Granada. Parallel has studied jazz autodidact, attending seminars by Spain and taking classes with musicians of international renown as Dave Santoro (director of Berklee), Javier Colina and Reuben Rogers (bass player with many recordings with the most important jazz musicians the international scene today).

Jose Luis Gomez

Drummer José Luis Gómez, born in Algeciras, is, as an essential of Malaga and Andalusian jazz scene, who accompanied internationally renowned musicians like Jonathan Kreisberg, Scott Hamilton, Vince Benedetti, Gustav Lundgren, Liane Carroll, Gianni Gagliardi Fredrick Carlquist, or Perico Sambeat Mike Fletcher.He studied at the Conservatory of Malaga and the Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA, USA), enjoying a scholarship from the university.

He has performed hundreds of concerts with well – known names in music both Andalusia and national: Jose Carra, Juan Galiardo, Phil Wilkinson, David Lenker, Javier Galiana, Ernesto Aurignac, Enrique Oliver, Tete Leal, Antonio Gonzalez, Ramon Cardo, Julian Sanchez, Arturo Serra, Javier Navas, Albert Vila, Miquel Casany, Bori Albero, Guillermo Morente Deejay Foster among others …

He has played with groups such as the OFM, the Big Band Jazz Association of Malaga, the Big Band of CSM Malaga, Big Band S & F Clasijazz among other …

Cofounder of the Altra-Muz and Cello4qt groups who recently released an album with music by Bill Evans and Claude Bolling.

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