The Jazz Artists

Club Jazz is a platform for talented, creative jazz artists from the thriving Malaga jazz scene as well as visiting international jazz musicians. The artists represent a full range of jazz music from bebop to classic to fusion to improvisational jazz. We invite musicians who are as passionate about jazz as you are. Enjoy two full evenings of jazz music in an intimate living/lounge room setting with 11 other guests and friends. We believe music is a universal language of emotions designed to soothe, heal, uplift and unite. This is why Club Jazz was born.

While great music should be enjoyed not categorized, here is a sampling of some of the invited artists.

Jazz Styles

Noah Haidu new album
Carlos Pino Trio
Carlos Pino Trio

Cool Jazz – a style of modern jazz with relaxed tempos and lighter tone.

Bebop Jazz – developed early in early mid – 1940’s. fast tempo, complex chord progressions and rapid chord changes.

Improvisational Jazz – also known as “free jazz”, musical extemporization, in the moment musical composition as well as spontaneous response to other musicians.

Fusion Jazz – developed in the late 60’s, combines jazz harmony and improv with other styles such as funk, rock R&B, blues and Latin jazz. 

Latin Jazz – jazz with Latin rhythms.

Swing Jazz – generally played by a Big Band, lively, rhythmic, dance music.

Damian J
Damian J Project


dmcq experience
dmcq experience


Acid jazz – combines elements of jazz, soul, funk and disco, also known as jazz funk or neo-soul.

 Afro Cuban Jazz – earliest form of Latin jazz, combines jazz with Cuban music



Adam Ben Ezra
Adam Ben Ezra new album
Jose Carra Quintet
Jose Carra trio
Rafa Sibajas Double bass
Rafa Sibajas bass
Ana Cisneros trio
Ana Cisneros trio