Your Hospitality Team

      “For me, music and life are all about style” – Miles Davis 1956

It is our pleasure to help you enjoy jazz weekend in style. We do everything possible to bring you VIP hospitality and first class music.


Frequently asked questions

Where is Alozaina? Considered by many to be part of the Costa del Sol Spain region,  one of the white villages located in the Sierra de las Nieves about 45 minutes outside of Old Malaga. It is authentic Andalucia.

What is the weather like? April and May features warm spring like weather. June, July and September are hot. October returns to warm spring weather.

What should I bring to wear? Dress for summer. Bring sweater for an unexpected cooler evening. In general, nice casual clothes are all you need.

I am single. Can I come alone? Club Jazz is the best place to meet new people and feel welcomed. See booking rates for 1 person in double room. Or bring a single friend along. The more the merrier.

Can I exchange currency in Alozaina? There is no currency exchange office in Alozaina. There are two  Spanish banks with ATMs.

I checked the availability calendar. What do the “pink boxes” mean? It means the weekend is booked.

What are the townspeople like? The people of Alozaina are friendly and welcoming. A town of about 2000 people, they easily greet you with “hola” as you pass in the streets and love for you to do the same.

Will I have time to explore the village? Your time is your own. Do as much or as little as you want.

Do I need a car to explore the village? No. Alozaina is a walking village. If you want to explore the surrounding campo, then, a car is necessary.

I don’t speak Spanish. Is this a problem? No problem. Our hospitality team is mostly bi-lingual English/Spanish. We are happy to assist you with translation.

I need to translate your website into another language. How can I do that? Scroll down to the footer on the right hand side. See “translate this” button. Click on for all languages.

I cannot arrive until Friday evening. That’s ok. We’ll check you in whenever you arrive, get you settled and then introduce you around. Regular check in begins at 1:00 pm.

My hobby is playing jazz music. Can I bring my instrument? Sure you can. It is quite possible one of our artists may want to jam a bit with you after the show.

What are family style meals? Guests, musicians and staff share meals together at one long table, Andalucian style. This encourages and stimulates conversation and connection.

What are screening parties? We screen documentaries and interviews of great jazz legends.